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Dental Implants

Diana Zinberg, DDS -  - Dentist

Diana Zinberg, DDS

Dentist located in Santa Monica, CA

Dr. Diana Zinberg offers her patients the most advanced dental implant procedures for safe, effective tooth replacement without the hassle of dentures. Using the most advanced dental technology, she provides a level of care that has earned her the trust of all her patients and made her a favorite care provider in the Santa Monica, CA, area.

Dental Implants Q & A

How do dental implants compare to dentures?

Like dentures, dental implants replace your natural teeth that have been lost as a result of disease, trauma, genetics or other cause. And, like dentures, they can be crafted to look just like your natural teeth. But unlike dentures, dental implants are permanently affixed in your jaw bone and cannot be removed. Many patients find them easier to care for and easier to perform normal functions like chewing and talking since there's no risk of slippage. Implants also don't cause the sore spots associated with ill-fitting dentures.

What is the implant procedure like?

During the first visit, a small metal post will be implanted into your jaw bone. This implant post forms the “root” of your new tooth. In many cases, the post is buried beneath the gum so it can be supported and protected while the bone grows around it to support it, a process that takes from six to 12 weeks. Once the implant is stable, a small metal connector called an abutment is attached to the base. Next, an impression is made of the area so your new tooth can be made. The tint of the tooth can be customized to match your surrounding teeth. During a third visit, your new tooth will put in place, either by screwing it into place or using a strong dental adhesive.

Are implants hard to care for?

No, you care for implants the same way you car for your natural teeth, with regular flossing and brushing and regular trips to the dentist to ensure your implants stay as healthy as possible.

Will my insurance cover the cost of my implants?

Most insurance companies do not provide coverage for dental implants. You should discuss your specific coverage with your insurer or with our office staff.


We accept most PPO insurance.

Please call our office for a free insurance analysis, so that we can work together on a coverage plan.