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Teeth Whitening

Diana Zinberg, DDS -  - Dentist

Diana Zinberg, DDS

Dentist located in Santa Monica, CA

Dr. Zinberg knows having a beautiful smile is important for feeling confident and self-assured at work, at school and in your social life. She offers the most advanced, state-of-the-art teeth whitening treatments so patients in the Santa Monica, CA, area can enjoy great-looking smiles and feel their confident best.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

Can Teeth Whitening Hurt my Teeth?

Professional teeth whitening procedures have been developed to be safe and effective. If you have concerns about the agents or techniques used, Dr. Zinberg can answer all your questions during an exam or consultation appointment.

Can my Teeth be Whitened Even if I Have Crowns, Bridges or Veneers?

Yes, professional tooth whitening systems are designed to be effective and safe, even when you have veneers, crowns or bridges. In some cases, certain whitening agents may cause bonding agents to soften. Dr. Zinberg will review your needs and make recommendations to protect the integrity of your restorations.

Will Whitening Cause my Teeth to be Permanently Sensitive to Extreme Temperatures?

No. In most cases, any resulting sensitivity will resolve on its own in a day or two. During your visit, Dr. Zinberg can also look for cracks or chips in your teeth that might exacerbate sensitivity and correct those issues prior to whitening if you prefer. And unlike home treatments that require repeated exposures to bleaching agents over days or weeks, professional whitening can be completed in one visit, minimizing your risk of sensitivity.

Are the Whitening Treatments I Can do at Home Just as Good as the Ones at the Dentist's Office?

While at-home treatments can provide you with some improvement in the color of your teeth, they can also cause considerably more sensitivity since the application of the whitener is not highly regulated or well contained. In our office, we use the most advanced, state-of-the-art approaches to achieve superior results while protecting the integrity of your teeth and gums. Professional whitening also offers much longer-lasting results so you don't have to keep reapplying strips or gels week after week to keep your teeth looking good. Dr. Zinberg can recommend a course of treatments that will help keep your teeth looking their best and brightest.



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